I think maybe we need to stop cutting our hair and move to a cave...

photo by alexandra valenti


don't remember where I grabbed this from but it is a great idea. Think i need to replace my bulletin board as
Elliott + thumb tacks= TROUBLE.



and there's something in a sunday...

Mancini has today off! We never get to spend sundays together... think we will brunch and then I'm going to give him a haircut and face mask... maybe drink some hot chocolate and watch super 8 movies at Lumenhaus... after we watch the Last Unicorn with Elliott.


I'm cool, I'm dead, I'm a man...

After our thanksgiving Dinner we played that game where everyone writes a famous person on a piece of paper and puts it in a hat then draws one out , lick and stick on the head and inquire about who you are...

I knew I was a cool dead short man with african heritage... b.c. times...young royalty...
that's right....

from now on my first question is "Was I born in Arizona moved to Babylonia?"

edit: just realized fiona (aka bon or fonina) was totally one of those back up dancers for halloween (she is also who put king tut in the hat, fancy that.)

Happy Thanksgiving

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des arbes tout rikiki

playing with tilt shift + picnic + itty bitty trees

Bas Jan Ader

This is one of my favorite fleeting moments of all time.

Elliott and I are collaborating on a fleet of paper boats inspired by Bas Jan Ader's disappearing at sea.


Les Enfants S'ennuient Le Dimanche

As the days are growing shorter and colder Elliott and I, finding ourselves increasingly indoors, have been indulging in french cinema marathons. Our favorites are as follows:
L'argent de Poche which we have watched nearly a dozen times in the past 2 weeks...

It is beautiful, funny, sad and arguably the best film ever made about childhood.

We have also been enjoying that Le Ballon Rouge and Crin Blanc stream instant on netflix.

And last but not least although I've been unable to find a full version of this little gem we enjoy watching the smattering of offerings youtube has of Zazie dans le Metro, which I was introduced to by a friend who grew up in Paris.

All of these fantastic french films just further confirm that I want to be a french child from the 50's, 60's or 70's when I grow up.


Elliott's career as a hat designer

I'm just so flattered he finally asked me to model
My photo
Bubble Expert in love with a mystical candy maker and a little boy who wears moon glasses. Frivolous Fawn 23 is my grandma's signature hair color.

sometimes accidently